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Meet the Team at True Source Chiropractic

Our friendly and caring team members are passionate about ensuring that patients have the best possible experience at every visit. We’d like you to get to know them better!

Jody Collingsworth, Director of Operations

As a teacher, Jody is very familiar with systems and uses that ability to support her husband’s vision for their clinic. Her job is to oversee the different areas of the practice, helping wherever she can, and facilitating operations to ensure all flows smoothly, and ultimately, helping provide a place where people feel safe and supported.

Even from first meeting him, Jody discovered Dr. Josh had a passion for health and wellness. When he decided to go to chiropractic school, they moved to Florida. She received chiropractic care at the clinic there, eliminating her headache problems.

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After she became pregnant, being adjusted using the Webster Technique helped her considerably. Seeing her husband bond through an adjustment with his first son, just after being born, was priceless.

That experience is one of the reasons they both feel the importance of supporting families in the community; helping them navigate the stresses of daily living and other factors.

Jody enjoys spending time with her husband and their two very active boys. They do a lot of outdoor activities together. She also has a large loving family, and is thankful Dr. Josh wasn’t overwhelmed by them!

Jody photo

Amanda Ferguson, Office Manager

Amanda is a loving wife and mommy. Her joy is in spending time with her husband, Matt and 3 year old son, Colson, as well as doting on her many nieces and nephews. She is also an amateur zookeeper with three dogs, two cats, and six chickens. Amanda’s chiropractic story started more than ten years ago. She struggled daily with chronic neck pain and debilitating headaches until she was introduced to chiropractic care. Her son has also benefited from chiropractic care, managing conditions that range from chronic constipation and ear infections to speech delays. After trying various other conventional treatments, chiropractic addressed his symptoms in a more holistic way. This is one of the main reasons Amanda joined us here at True Source Chiropractic. She wants everyone to feel confident in utilizing chiropractic to take back the reins of their own and their family’s health.

Amanda Ferguson

Rachel Florio, Front Desk Manager

Rachel is originally from Maryland but is very happy to be living in Virginia. Rachel has a background in swimming, is a frequent flyer at the gym, & enjoys spending time with her family, especially her 3 nieces. Rachel has been transformed by her chiropractic care with Dr Josh & now encourages everyone to experience the amazing benefits for themselves. Rachel has always been passionate about helping people & is excited to be helping families with their health journey through chiropractic care.


Danielle Olszewski, Social Media Manager

Dani is our social media manager. She helps us with all things social media and loves learning more and more about the chiropractic community!

Dani started out as a postpartum patient who had chronic headaches, but soon learned about all the amazing benefits of chiropractic care for her and her family! She’s a mom to 3 beautiful little girls and she’s married to her best friend Brandon, who’s a helicopter mechanic in the Navy.

Dani has always loved learning and creating art. She loves being able to combine those two passions as our social media manager, and loves knowing that she’s spreading the word about the benefits of chiropractic care.

Dani Olszewski

Meet the Team at True Source Chiropractic | (757) 937-3558