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Pregnancy Chiropractic at True Source Chiropractic

doctor adjusting pregnant patientWhile pregnancy is certainly a miracle, it presents its own special challenges for a woman’s body. Biomechanics change as your center of gravity adjusts to the growing baby. Forward head posture increases, low back pain and sciatica are common, as is lordosis from leaning back to fight gravity pulling down on the baby. Upper back pain may occur later in the pregnancy.

Chiropractic care is second to none when it comes to restoring the body’s biomechanics. It also helps the body adapt during this nine month long process to prevent permanent issues from occurring.

Starting care from the start of pregnancy is recommended, so we can monitor the changes in your body during the entire gestation period. Using gentle, safe, effective techniques, we’re able to reduce pain & the effects of stress on moms.

Less Stress for Mom and Baby

A chiropractic adjustment not only reduces neural tone and neural stress, it also puts Mom in a more relaxed state. At True Source Chiropractic we dial things down, because Mom is a little stressed, and start adjusting her more to reduce her neural tone—the way she perceives her environment. It’s our belief that whatever Mom experiences, Baby experiences, because of the neural connection. If Mom’s stressed out, frustrated, tired, and anxious, her child will be too.

During your adjustments, rest assured that we use very gentle and relaxing techniques. Instead of pain and frustration, you will be relaxed, enjoy your pregnancy, and pass that feeling to your baby, enabling you to have an easier and faster labor and delivery with less intervention.

The Webster Technique

We are certified in the Webster Technique, an analysis and adjustment technique developed especially for women, through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). This process helps provide the space and structure the baby needs to grow and move into an optimal birthing position. It also helps with the discomforts women experience by addressing the soft tissues, uterine ligaments, sacrum, and pelvis through adjustment.

Kinesiotaping may also be used to support your needs.

Learn More Today

Discover how natural chiropractic care helps you enjoy your pregnancy with less pain and frustration. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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