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Pediatric Chiropractic at True Source Chiropractic

doctor adjusting infantThe first trauma in a baby’s life is birth. Squeezing through that little canal, and sometimes needing interventions like forceps or clamps, puts a lot of pressure on their fragile neuro spinal system. The neck may be yanked, rotated, and hyper-extended, even during a C-section.

Having your baby checked as soon as possible after birth is vital to ensuring they start out life correctly, giving them every advantage possible. Babies are born with the innate ability to take care of themselves. Chiropractic care ensures these systems have not been damaged during the birth process.

Why Does My Child Need Chiropractic?

Damage to the neuro spinal system is not always readily apparent. Unlike other medical personnel, chiropractors are specially trained to evaluate the function of the nervous system to determine whether communication between the brain and body has been interfered with.

If we make sure those neural connections are wired appropriately, communicate appropriately, and relay signals both to and from the brain,
your child has a great chance of overcoming anything that comes their way.

Working With Children

Our staff loves working with children. When they come in to our office, we have toys and chiropractic coloring books, and play with them. We get down to their level to talk to them and be as accommodating as possible. The first adjustment may not go the way we planned, so we take whatever the child will give us on that day, and that’s okay.

For our littlest members, we can do the scans or adjustments while Mom or Dad holds them. We don’t want this to ever be a negative experience for them, so we make it a little game.

For children who might not be ready to come into the office, our chiropractic assistant does much of the new practice members’ workup before the appointment. We provide every avenue for people to receive care.

Learning From Children

Dr. Josh tells of a 6 or 7-year-old girl with autism who had trouble integrating into school. She had problems with too many people around her and was thrown off by new things being introduced. After 2-3 months of treatment, she was much calmer. Dr. Josh asked her mother if there were any changes in behavior. He found out she was starting to enjoy her classes, was no longer disruptive, and could be quiet when requested.

That case piqued his interest in working with children on the spectrum. Learning more through The Pediatric Experience, Dr. Josh realized that it’s not just the child who is affected, but also everyone who comes in contact with them.

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