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New Practice Members at True Source Chiropractic

doctor with pediatric patientWelcome to our practice! We’re glad you chose us for your healthcare needs. Our intake forms are available online; we ask you to complete them before coming for your first appointment, to give us time to review the information.

Please wear comfortable clothes, nothing constricting. We do CLA INSiGHT™ scans on our practice members, and you’ll change into a gown, so we have access to the skin on your back. Our procedures are extremely professional, and every consideration is taken for your comfort.

We also ask members not to do anything to alter their skin temperature at least three hours before the scan. No Biofreeze®, gym workouts, or anything outside your daily routine. Please allow an hour for your first visit.

The First Visit

When you come into the practice, you’ll receive a warm welcome, get a tour of the office, and be escorted into an office where we’ll go over your intake forms. Dr. Josh will go over the conditions or concerns that brought you in and review your medical conditions.

Next is the physical exam, consisting of range of motion, orthopedic and neurological testing specific to the condition that’s presenting. For children, we do some primitive reflex testing to see if they can move their head to the left and the right, or if they’re having latch issues, and other problems.

Every practice member will be scanned. The scans are not painful and are safe for kids and pregnant women as well. Scans start at the sacrum at the bottom of the spine and go all the way up to the base of the skull, and provide us with the information we need to prepare the best care plan for your condition. Parents don’t need to worry about their children squirming; the scans can still be done.

When You Return

The report of findings reviews your exam and scans in detail. We discuss your unique care plan and the services we’ll use to get you the results you need. Financial requirements are also discussed at this time. Please allow 30-45 minutes for this visit.

Ready to Book?

We would love to welcome you as a practice member. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!

New Practice Members at True Source Chiropractic | (757) 937-3558